The Makeup Planner© System
The Planner
The all-in-one makeup organizer that holds makeup in one space-saving place. Convenient to use, the Planner keeps things clear, accessible, and tidy. The all-around zipper makes sure it all stays put.
Side Pouch
This handy pocket enables you to store makeup accesories such as a puff, sponge, eyelash curler or any other miscellaneous tool. It's also the perfect place to stash lipsticks.
Lucite Page
These magnetic pages allow you to customize your own makeup look, and they give you at-a-glance visibility. They also give you the ability to change or refill colors as needed.
Binder Rings
The Planner's backbone. Like any looseleaf binder, the rings hold the lucite pages securely in place while allowing you the flexibility to add and remove pages as the seasons change.
Brush Sleeves
There is simply no better way to protect, store and carry your brushes. The Brush Sleeves are sized to accomodate different thicknesses to ensure each brush is held securely.